About Elliott

Once you have LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China, saying that you can adopt your specific kid, you can ask a certain number of questions about him or her. Not all orphanages respond, but ours does! (And technically since Elliott is at a foster home in a different province, his orphanage would have received our questions, sent them over, and then forwarded the reply on back to our agency. I’m so thankful for their willingness to go through the extra steps!)

Here’s part of our latest update about our little man:

There is not a big difference between him and same age children. He can walk and run. His fingers are flexible. He cannot express himself yet. He makes babbling sounds. But we cannot understand. He is still using diapers. He can’t stand the heat, worse than other children. He would have rash all over the body if it is too hot for him. After we put on some ointment he would be fine. So keep him cool and try not to much clothing on him. Make him drink enough water. Other than that he is just a normal healthy kid.

He is introverted but affectionate. He is not afraid of strangers. He seldom cries, hold him and pat him when he is upset. He gets up after 6:00 am and goes to bed at around 19:00. He takes a nap at 11:00 am. He takes a bottle in the morning and another bottle at night. The brand is Wyeth. He also has three regular meals of noodle, rice congee, steamed-egg, meat broth, vegetables and fruits.

The comments about the rash we (and our international adoption doctor) assume to mean that he has some mild eczema that flares in the heat. We’re traveling in November, so cooler weather, but we plan to bring some Aquaphor or CeraVe with us for him just in case, and go from there. It’s possible he has some food intolerances that are causing the eczema – I’ve heard that dairy in particular is a pretty common eczema-causing issue in these kiddos. We’ve got a lifetime to figure that out, though!

A few other tidbits:

This chubby little guy is very cute and he started crawling when he was 7-8 months old. At first he couldn’t crawl; he would lie on his belly on the floor with his hands and feet hanging in the air, like he was swimming. His personality was open and cheerful, and he would smile as soon as someone played with him. He had such a cute smile. He liked for people to keep him company to play and he was usually very well behaved. When he had eaten his fill, he would roll around on the floor for fun. Sometimes he had so much fun that he would wave his hands and feet and giggle nonstop.


He is very bright and can understand daily language, but he can’t talk. He has started to babble “yi yi yay a” sounds. At present he can walk and can climb stairs, but he cannot yet use a spoon to feed himself. He needs an adult to feed him meals, but he can use his hands to feed himself snacks and fruit. He can hold his own bottle to drink water or milk.


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  1. How old is Elliott now, what do s his birthdate. He is a cutie pie and we look forward to meeting him.
    His Granny


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