Our dossier is officially at CCAI.

Since I’m pretty sure even Scott is not precisely sure what that means, I will elaborate:

Our dossier is basically a file of our entire lives – birth certificates, a letter explaining why we want to adopt, a snapshot of our financial situation, criminal background check, US immigration pre-approval, etc. I’ve spent the last 10 months collecting all of these documents, having them notarized, then taken them to the Secretary of State for them to certify that the notaries are real, then sent them to the Chinese Consulate to have them authenticate that the Secretary of States are real. (May I add: My checklist, binder-loving self LOVED this process.)  I added some pictures for China to get a visual of us and our family and life. Our agency will spend the next week going through all of those documents to make sure everything is *just right*, will mount the pictures and bind the dossier into a book, will do some translating, upload scans of everything to the government authority in Beijing, and then send off the official package to China!

When our dossier arrives in China, they will give us a log-in date, and we will start anxiously monitoring phone calls – once we have a logged in dossier, we can receive potential matches! I have no idea how long we will wait to be matched, but since we are open to boys, we rather assume that it will be a quick process. (I’m typing this on my PC so I don’t have an emoji keyboard, but I would be putting the shocked face + party party + heart eyes + scream face in here … all the feels, guys.)

In the mean time … we are praying. Praying for our little boy or girl to be safe, to be loved, to have good sleep, and fun days, to be quick to love, to have a sense of humor and adventure, to be growing well. We pray that God would be softening our hearts toward our future child, that we would be ready to connect, to accept in love, to forgive, to adjust our expectations and our family culture and our ideas of our schedules. And I’m praying for excitement, because I know that I can get so caught up in the what-ifs that I forget to be excited.


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