St. Nick’s

One of our favorite family Christmas traditions is our annual St. Nick’s trip. St. Nick’s is one of those year-round Christmas stores, and it is an overwhelming, chaotic maze of holiday cheer come December. We’ve gone there annually since the Christmas that we were pregnant with Pfeff – we found an ornament of a little grinning couple with their arms around each other and a sweet baby bump on the wife. We were pregnant over Christmas with both kids, so we have a little stork carrying a blue bundle with Pfeff, and a Christmas-light bedecked seahorse for Cub (Seahorse was her pre-name). The kids get to pick their own ornament each year once they’re old enough, so we have a few trucks and a train from Pfeff’s toddler years, and glittery animals from Cub’s.

Cub is 3.5 and was SO overwhelmed with the options – she debated a Skye from Paw Patrol, a moon, a multicolored angel, and a “necklace for the Christmas tree” before landing on … a fudge pop. Right-o! Pfeff snagged a hunting s’more, which is actually exactly what I would have picked for him. Scott and I got kissing Clauses (awwww). AND, since this is our first Christmas anticipating adopting a little one from China, we decided to include him or her in this year’s haul! Since it’s a Christmas store in our very white suburb, there clearly wasn’t a huge selection of Chinese-culture ornaments, but we did find a Great Wall, and if that doesn’t say China, I don’t know what does!

It’s fun to be able to tangibly include our unknown little one in our family traditions, and I’m excited to be able to show him the ornament from before we’d seen his face, so let him already have his own space on the tree. (Or her, clearly. But likely him.)

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