Brother Quilts

I spent last winter making Cub a quilt, which she received along with her big girl “happy birthday bed” for her 3rd birthday this summer. Pfeff has an Ikea duvet on his bed, which is totally sufficient … but he has a mom who loves quilting, so a quilt he will receive. While I spent hours agonizing over pattern meaning and color choice for Cub’s quilt (we ended up with a “Spiced Chai” quilt pattern, because mama loves tea and she’s a spicy kid!), I showed Pfeff a handful of quilts that I had pinned on Pinterest and he picked from that. He is a super easy-going kid, and chose a pattern that he thought would be easiest for me (oh sweet child …) – all half-square triangles.

Pfeff’s inspiration quilt


As I was browsing a favorite online quilt shop for 10″ square pre-cuts, it occured to me that I could buy extra squares and use the same colors for a quilt for our next son! I found a great modern flying geese pattern (I love the flying/travel/distance/migration symbolism) that I’m going to use, so our boys will have related, but not identical quilts. The fabrics for their quilts are up in the header … all 36 colors! And this happy lady has not one but two quilts that I get to work on through the winter. Glory glory. Matson’s is actually almost done – just need to hand-stitch the back of the binding. He’s excited to have it all wrapped up under the Christmas tree. 🙂 Little Brother’s quilt is on the docket for the new year! (Possibly even starting during Scott’s football bowl game binge on New Year’s Day.)

Little Brother’s quilt pattern

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