Rockin Saturday Night

What you do on a Saturday night in college football season when you’re valiantly attempting life support on your old iPhone 4s (and I’m not entirely sure why, since we’ve already decided I’d upgrade as it’s died twice this summer now), but that mostly looks like waiting for the phone to do stuff: blog post!

One interesting fact that came up at the first info session we went to at our adoption agency was that the program has about 55% boys. I asked if they knew what the other half of that supply/demand equation looked like, and while they didn’t have a hard number, they estimated that about 65% of families want girls. I was fascinated! The further I get into researching adoption, I haven’t found any hard data on why that is BUT I suspect it has something to do with wives being the partner most likely to spearhead an adoption effort and feeling innate relationship with sweet, soft little girls, and perhaps a sense that trauma is less scary and destructive in girls than boys. Or perhaps too much Anne of Green Gables in the formative years? (No such thing!) The bottom line that I’ve seen again and again, though, is that families wait for girls, but boys wait for families. Being orphaned as a boy is one of the biggest “special needs” out there.

Fun fact: for a minor needs girl between age 0-3, the current wait time is about 2.5 years. For a minor needs boy between ages 0-3, the current wait time is about 9 months.


Love Without Boundaries is a really cool organization that has been working with orphans across China for the last 13 years, and which has a blog series about the Changing Face of China’s Orphans that is by turns helpful and mind blowing. (Most mind-blowing entry for me: Birth Defects.)

And, because I think it provides an interesting insight into life in an orphanage, this blog series that they wrote about what to expect of your child coming out of an orphanage setting:


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