You Know You’re Adopting When …

I mean clearly all of life has its craziness – no season is exempt. BUT, on an Facebook adoption group today, I saw a post entitled “You Know You’re Adopting When”, followed by a list of crazy/random/expensive mishaps. My submission:

1. Your a/c mysteriously loses $700 worth of refrigerant.
2. Your sewer line clogs and sends actual fresh POOP out of the floor drain in the mechanical room. POOP. I can’t even. It took me a lot of texting friends with CAN YOU BELIEVE, a giant bucket of bleach water, and an audiobook to distract my brain from what I was doing to get it cleaned up.

(Another appropriate list title would be: Reasons To Have An Emergency Fund. Or an emergency fund which I hope to never touch because we also have a general home repair fund, hvac fund, and about 9 other savings funds. #budgetingnerd. But for real, Scott and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in our first year of marriage and I still think it was one of the best choices we’ve ever made.)


I was going to click “Publish”, but I’m an optimist, I can’t leave it at this.

There may be poop on the floor, but there are also raspberries on the bushes out back, bell peppers in my kids’ snack bowls being eaten happily (thanks for normalizing this, Alison!), our eleventh wedding anniversary tomorrow, fresh school supplies awaiting kindergarten, two more weeks of summer break, and a gloriously cool-weather weekend ahead full of plans for canoeing and fishing with my parents.

Whew. I feel better.

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