Hey Internet!

I was an early blog adopter – I started my first LiveJournal in 2002, then switched to Blogspot in 2005 and kept it up until our first child was born in 2011. Why the return to internet oversharing after the years of silence? Glad you asked!


Adoption has always been on our radar screen. Even back in engagement, Scott and I figured we’d have one or two then adopt one or two. We’ve always been pro-adoption in a general sense. When it took us a year to get pregnant with our first, we decided early on that if bio babies weren’t in our future, we’d adopt. But then we did get pregnant! And then Scott started grad school, and our little guy was a toddler and we decided we wanted to wait to adopt until after grad school but also didn’t want Mats to be 5 before he got his first sibling, so we had another! But now: we’re past grad school, Mats is 5, Maisie’s 3, let’s go!

We’re adopting from China.

We turned in our initial application two weeks ago, but haven’t really started the process yet. Our agency’s orientation meeting is in two weeks, and then we’ll start “the paper chase” – 6-8 months of hunting down notarized and certified copies of every important document in our lives, getting a home study, physical check ups, and … doing … stuff? I honestly don’t know fully what to expect. It’ll be a whole thing. I’ll keep you posted.

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